About Us

| אבO״ת |

What drives us support you

Born from a space of deep love and compassion, Kavanah Care is a bespoke service and store that honours the intention to heal and evolve.

We are passionate about women’s health. Particularly pregnancy, birth and postpartum and aim to connect you with he right professional to support and guide you on your journey into motherhood.

With a deep root in J
ewish philosophy, Kavanah is the traditional Hebrew word for direction, intention or purpose. This underpins the current that runs through Kavanah Care; each service offering and every carefully selected product can be traced back to an intention to honour the delicate rhythms of life.

Kavanah Care honours the ritual of self. Our desire is to share intentional and healing modalities through our massage and yoga services, and a carefully curated selection of purposeful products that will elevate your daily doings and bring them into a divine space.