Image via "Soma Shakti"

Bengkung Belly Binding - In-home Session

Bengkung is the ancient Eastern art of belly binding usinng a cloth abdominal wrap to promote faster recovery and provide support to a mother’s body during the postpartum period.

Allow me to perform your initial belly bind in the comfort of your own home whilst also providing instructions to your partner or support person. This will allow them to perform the bind for you in the weeks following.


Belly binding has been reported to help speed up recovery and support the mothers’ body during the postpartum period.

Benefits include:

  • Supports good posture while nursing your baby
  • Stabilizes ligaments of the pelvis and low back
  • Improves circulation
  • Reduces length of postpartum bleeidnng
  • Relieves and prevents shoulder and back discomfort
  • Reduces excess fluid and sir in abdominal tissues and cells
  • aids in restoring abdominal wall and abdominal separation recovery
  • Provides postural support for organs and torso
  • Provides physical comfort and support


When can I start belly binding?

If you had a vaginal birth- you can start wrapping day 1 posgtpartum. For cesarean births, you will need approx. 4 weeks to allow your wounds to heal. We will be in touch to see how you are feeling. In the meantime- you can use a medical grade compression bandage.

How long should I wear my wrap?

Traditionally, the Benkung Belly Bind is done for the entire postpartum period, which is 30-40 days in the cultures that observe this practice. However, this is unpractical for modern day living. We recommend to bind for approximately 3 weeks and keep the bind on for minimum 6 hours a day- the longer the better! (Yes, you can sleep in it).

What do I do if it feels too tight when I sit?

Belly bnding should only be wrapped following the contour of your body. If it is too tight when you sit, unwrap and redo your wrap looser.

How do I wrap if I do a belly massage first?

It is recomended to wear a cotton shirt underneath your wrap to prevent it moving or getiting damaged.