• Body Scrub- Lemongrass & Eucalyptus

    The al.ive body Australian made Essentials Range combines product purity with designer aesthetics to bring you luxurious personal care products that are perfect for every day, and life on the go.

    The Lemongrass & Eucalyptus Clay Body Scrub is a gentle yet effective body scrub with a unique whipped texture. This mousse-like texture allows the formula to glide over skin, whisking away rough spots and softening skin with natural oils. Kaolin clay is an innovative inclusion in our body scrub, it’s oil absorbing and skin balancing properties leave your complexion calm and even. Gentle natural silica sloughs away flaky skin and kaolin clay purifies and refines texture

    Size: 140ml tube

    This item is made from 100% recyclable PE plastic.


    Kaolin Clay is a naturally derived clay renowned for its oil-absorbing and pore-refining qualities. It gently balances oil production and calms the skin.

    Silica Particles are naturally derived exfoliant particles that dislodge dry flaky skin without scratching the skin’s surface.

    Sunflower Oil is a richly emollient oil, high in essential fatty acid linoleic acid which has the ability to help replenish, strengthen and soothe skin.

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  • Clary Sage Oil 10ml


    Clary sage oil is a natural uterotonic, which means it can cause contractions of the uterus.

    It is often used as a natural method to improve the effectiveness of contractions in labour.
    It also promotes relaxation during labour as it calms the nervous system and acts as a form of pain relief. It is hormone balancing and encourages the release of birthing hormones in the lead up to labour and birth.
    Due to its ability to cause uterine contractions, it may also assist in the birth of the placenta and prevent post-partum haemorrhage (excessive bleeding).

    If you are thinking about using clary sage to try to induce labour it is important to be cautious and speak to a health professional about directions for use.

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    Clary Sage Roller 10ml


    Clary sage in carrier oil in a convenient roller bottle. Clary sage is great in helping to stimulate contractions or surges and is also a useful labour induction tool. Clary sage has a sedating effect and aids in the production of oxytocin- needed for labour and birth.

    At Kavanah Care, we use clary sage in our labour preparation massage treatments from 37+ weeks to help move things along.

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  • Hand Balm – Peony & Olive Leaf

    The al.ive body® Australian made Essentials Range combines product purity with designer aesthetics to bring you luxurious personal care products that are perfect for every day, and life on the go. The deeply moisturising formula of our Peony & Olive Leaf Natural Hand Balm never leaves hands feeling greasy. It satisfies parched skin long-term by creating a delicate occlusive layer that traps moisture in the top layers of the dermis.

    This item is made from 100% recyclable PE plastic.


    Shea Butter has been prized as a skin protectant for decades, and it is its essential fatty acid content that helps calm dry, irritated skin. Quickly absorbed, it is an excellent long-term moisturiser for dry hands.
    Cocoa Butter has superior emollient properties that help form an occlusive yet breathable barrier to retain moisture within the skin.
    Sweet Almond Oil contains zinc, which helps smooth rough, calloused skin, as well as fatty acids that help prevent the loss of essential moisture from the dermis.

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    Healing Peri Spray 30ml


    Healing Perineum Spray has been designed by a Naturopath to help gently ease and sooth personal discomfort after the birth. Our Peri spray in a nourishing solution formulated to keep your perineum clean, toned, refreshed and comfortable post birth.

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  • Nursing Balm – 100% Natural


    The al.ive body baby Nursing Balm is made with 100% natural ingredients. The Nursing Balm soothes and protects dry, sensitive nipples during the breastfeeding stage and is safe for both mum and baby.

    Our Nursing Balm is proudly free from any synthetic fragrances. Ideal for use 1-2 months prior to birth, to soothe and condition nipples ahead of breastfeeding.

    Our bottles are 100% recyclable and made from PE plastic 

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    Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea 60gm


    Organic Raspberry leaf tea has been traditionally used during the later stages of pregnancy to support a healthy pregnancy and strengthen and tone the uterus in preparation for childbirth. Raspberry leaf is also used to support and strengthen uterine health post birth.

    Approx. 90 serves.

    **If pregnant or nursing, consult your healthcare provider before use.

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  • Partum Panties- Maternity Disposable Underwear


    Partum Panties are great following the birth of your baby in your postpartum recovery.

    These disposable maternity underwear are the perfect substitute for large and uncomfortable postpartum pads.

    For menstruation you can wear Partum Panties overnight for those heavy nights or wear Partum Panties for those slight leaks in your postpartum recovery.

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  • Stretch Mark Cream 100ml


    This beautifully formulated, non-greasy formulation of moisturising active botanicals naturally soothes, softens and hydrates your belly in pregnancy. Mère Stretch Mark Cream provides a nurturing foundation of herbs that condition the skin and supports elasticity, blended with hydrating oils. 


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  • Tiger’s Eye Gua Sha Lifting Tool


    Handcrafted from Tiger’s Eye gemstone, the Gua Sha tool not only sculpts and lifts the face, but can also revitalise the skin to reduce puffiness, dark circles, and inflammation, while increasing the absorption of skincare products.

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